Author: Mario Jaén


The play "Four Letters", Honduran playwright Mario Jaén, It is based on the testimonies of 15 people living with HIV with a research that was conducted during 3 months. The main objectives of the work are the prevention of risk behaviors in HIV / AIDS among adolescents and young people and the defense of rights of people living with HIV. To do this in the play, two storylines intertwine pointing to these objectives: on the one hand, a television quiz show is the stage where the contents of information on forms of infection occur, prevention methods and prejudices on the subject, so that the questions fail contestants are discharged to the public that is actively involved in the work and participatory. On the other hand, intermediate spaces program, They are occupied by scenes of testimonies of people infected (children, young, Adult), that they encourage empathy with the public in order to promote non-discrimination of people living with HIV.


General Production: Luisa Sánchez

general direction: Mario Jaén

Production Assistant: Julio Lagos

Assistant Director: Hermes Zelaya

Hermes Zelaya / Hermes Reyes: Presenter

Susan Arteaga: Sussi, Elena, Girl, Nurse

Julissa Robles: Julissa, Gina Master

Edgardo Florian: The contestant North Coast, Lola, Spouse Master

Luis Joel Rivera: Entrant center, Man, Carlos, Doctor

Diseño de escenografía, costume and mask: Vito Suazo

Making scenographic structure: Axel Vargas

Costume Making: Merlyn Moreno

Performing mask: Roberto C. Benda

Composition, musical performance and sound effects: Iván Juárez

musical arrangement and voice song "Four Letters": Victor M. Contreras

Voice song "Lola": Edgardo Florian

Estudio de grabación: La Chanson

Choreography "Four Letters": Melisa Erazo

Choreographies "Lola" and "Dancers": Lempira Jaén

Design posters and handbills: Vito Suazo

Lights and sound: Julio Lagos

National Association of People Living with HIV-AIDS in Honduras (ASONAPVIHSIDAH)

SHG support of Tegucigalpa Parroquia La Guadalupe

Trust Fund Small Grants - National AIDS Forum.

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