Author: Bertolt Brecht


A trader traveling in a hurry to get a grant. Beware of your guide because it has too friendly with Cull carrying luggage; so bouncing to guide midway. The charger is lost in the desert; remain without water and when the Cull approaches him with a canteen of water to drink, the trader believes that you have to attack and shoot killing.

A court trying the case and decided that there was self-defense.

The rule is that the humble man wants to attack his boss and could not be expected that the trader was that it was an exception here.

The "EXCEPTION AND THE RULE" was written in 1930.


Ivan Sevilla: Merchant

Hermes Zelaya: Charger

Alejandro Moreno: The Guide 1

Emmanuel Jaén: The Police

Rubén Rivera: Innkeeper

Karen Matute: The woman Charger

Francisco Romero: Judge I

Mario Jaén: Judge II

Emmanuel Jaén: Judge III

Hermes Zelaya: Guide II

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