Author: Dario Fo

It is based on the Last Supper of Jesus with his apostles, these are his agape departing next to a tavern where you see Jesus and his disciples.

El Loco is playing Tarot cards with colleagues when Death arrives, gamblers come in quick race without leaving El Loco only understand what happens because you have not seen that is behind the Reaper.

Our madman thinks that he is the last visitor has come and in an effort to evade chooses to seduce filling of compliments, but not by him but by who has come by Jesus to be crucified the next morning.

Entanglement is revealed until a picaresque final between The Fool and Death.


Production: Luisa Sánchez Blanco

Street address: Mario Jaén

Edgar Valeriano: El Loco

Mario Jaén: La Muerte

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