Author: Collective creation Teatro Taller Tegucigalpa


Morazán is invoked with his costars to get on stage and tell their story, the group of actors to know in detail the events sent two of its members to verify the facts and greet the General, now they turned into Doroteo and Cipriano Cano march through the mountains in search of the General. On their journey they meet with allies, enemies and traitors of the Central American cause. The magic and accompanies her know Morazán, empathize and exchanged words and knowledge.

While Morazán battle and decreed the rule of law and the Central American Federation, the aristocracy, clergy and colonialism join forces to finish it. Finally, reaction forces due to the only feasible weapon, betrayal and our hero sets out on the path of immortality to the wall.

Die, and the group of actors reflects on his story through a song.


"It's fantastic." "With the work reveal how much they love their homeland, It is a theater of messages that gets past problems and gives a current view to display all the atrocities that continue to. Morazán was a man of flesh and blood, I felt and thought like a human being, and it was time to show the other side. "- Crisanto Meléndez, director of the National Garifuna Table. Daily Weather. 19 July 1992


Production: Francisco Mejia / Karen Matute

Technical: Javier Suazo

Assistant Address: Irma Rosa Bueso

Directorate General: John- Marie Binoche

Marvin Corrales

Titus Road

Sandra Herrera

Mario Jaén

Karen Matute

Hermes Zelaya

Musicians: Joaquín López Chapman, Purification Arriola, Iván Juárez.

Dramaturgical Commission: Lily Gutierrez / Roberto Tinoco

Musical Composition: Joaquín López Chapman

Design Set: Felipe Burchard and Jean-Marie Binoche

Literary Supervision: Roberto Sosa

Costume Design: Felipe Burchard

Embed: Ezequiel Padilla

Special effects: Constitution Cairoli, Crisanto Melendez and Popo Arriola

Dance Teacher: I Ariolla

Masks: Jean-Marie Binoche

Touched: Web

Utility: Jean Yves Gattepaille / TTT

Photography : Koyiro Asano / Mario Lopez / Tito Estrada / Jorge Travieso

Bicentennial Commission, Banco Central de Honduras, Chief of the Armed Forces, Banco Atlantida, Company El Rey, Institute of Retirement and Pension, Standard Fruit Company, Air Service Honduras, SAHSA.

Support agencies: Cultural Affairs Bureau of Foreign Affairs, United Nations Programme UNDP, Ministry of Culture, National Autonomous University of Honduras, Embassy of France / Italy.

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