Author: José Sanchis Sinisterra


Dragging an old chest that contains all the "apparatus" theater, Rivers and Solano reach the "here" and "now" of representation, from a long sojourn through space and time. They have to distribute to the public a rough show, but fatigue, doubts and fears delay, and again interrupted his performance in a dialogue that deliberately, the kinship with Vladimir and Estragon, ambiguous clowns of Samuel Beckett.



General Production: Luisa Sánchez Blanco

Street address: Mario Jaén

Andino Reniery: Rios

Hermes Reyes: Solano

Costume Design, props and scenery: Vito Suazo

Costume Making: Lina's Boutique

Design poster and handbill: Vito Suazo and Malcolm Portillo

Making musical instruments: Fabian Wolf

Carpentry: Javier Blanco

Shoe store: Leo F. Road

Saddlery: Mario Banegas

Madrid Hotel School

The Guadalupe Parish

Directorate General of Arts

Warehouse El Carmen

Honduran Brewery, S.A.

Calderón Advertising

Editions Guardabarranco

School of Ballet "Merceditas Agurcia"

Vision t.v.

Dutch agency HIVOS

Embassy of Spain in Honduras

Spanish Agency for International Cooperation

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