EL REINO OF Kukulkan

Author: Mario Jaén


Drama dance theater that reflects the cosmological change in the Maya culture of worshiping the gods with offerings rather than human or animal sacrifices, allegory framed in the period of Yax Pac (763-820 d.c.) last ruler of Copan, whose reign of fifty-seven years have few clues, allowing the author to imagine this possible history.

It is the eternal struggle between good and evil contextualized in Amerindian cultures that spread the worship of one god, they called the Feathered Serpent or Kukulkan among the Maya.

The story presented is fictitious, created to promote the interest on the Mayan cultural extinct.


The dance, singing and drama were conjugated with impeccable stage, outstanding and full of history, I gado by the ancient Mayan civilization. "- José Fernando Berrios, The Herald Journal 1 February 2012.

"... Highlights, Great, where silence seized spaces to listen and watch local artists. Moments of great national pride and patriotic fervor. Talent and imagination. "- Julieta Castellanos, View, Diario El Heraldo the 31 Jan. 2002.


Creation and Management: Mario Jaén

Production: Luisa Sánchez

Production assistant: Julio Lagos

Design costumes and props: Vito Suazo

Making costumes and props: Walabis

Choreography: Sara Buck

Music: Iván Juárez

The Kingdom of Kukulkan

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