Author: Mario Jaén


The drought plaguing the land. Four wild animals that inhabit the mountains of southern Honduras are threatening their survival by lack of water. The situation is so desperate that they decide to join forces to save their lives. So I resolved to go separate ways in search of answers. The four elements embodied in the Water Maga, The Wind Picarillo, Mother Nature and Lorenzo Sol discover them a reality in which humans with their daily practices are the main causes of water shortages, and also those who, with proper care and use of natural resources are able to reverse the situation. End the story with a shift towards public: Have they understood?, Will they do something about it?, We survive or succumb by the passivity of human?, Should we leave home and go away, other lands, where water?

Our four animals (the armadillo, el coyote, the rabbit and the roadrunner) municipalities will reach, communities and villages to tell their story. No viewer can and evade their responsibility. The end of the story we'll decide.


Production Assistant, Lighting and sound: Julio Lagos

General Production: Luisa Sánchez Blanco

Script and direction: Mario Jaén

Eunice Rodriguez: Uncle Cusuco, Pececito, Tico, Mother Nature

Shirley Rodriguez: Uncle Runner, Flamitas, Maga water, Tuco and Tico puppets

Eric Pineda: Uncle Rabbit, Lorenzo Sol, Pececito, Secretary

Mario Jaén: Uncle Coyote, Wind Picarillo, Chanfaina, Judge Mero Mero

Julio Lagos: Birdie

Music, arrangements and recordings: Iván Juárez

Dramatic Sculpture, Wardrobe, masks and props: Ivan Fiallos - RIFH

Graphic design of promotional materials: Leo Zuniga Focus-Advertising, Kris Vallejo

Poster Photography: bite.publicidad

Photos playbill and vehicle: Heleci bite Ramirez and advertising

Theatre / Parminou, Theatre of the Aubergine.

Consultant / trainer in circus techniques: Yvan Côté

Advisor dramaturgy and staging: Hélène Desperrier


Oxfam Québec.

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