Author Mario Jaén


A young peasant couple in southern Honduras, Carmela and Eulalio, decide to get married and raise a family; both love and soon expecting their first baby, but to the surprise of both Carmela gives birth to triplets. His life runs traditionally, Eulalio working in the fields, and is the provider of food, while Carmela makes housework.

Eulalio not earn enough to keep well fed his large family, which seriously concerns Carmela because there have been several cases of malnutrition in the community and one of them fatally ended with the death of Isabelita, Mayra's daughter who unable to bear the loss of her daughter, went mad and lonely wandering the streets with a doll in her arms you care as if it were his dead girl.

Providentially Doña Socorro Carmela comes home and tells you that there is a square housekeeper at school and she can get. This is an opportunity that can not be missed and immediately talk to her husband to tell this opportunity to work and therefore an economic input will help improve household food. Eulalio reluctantly agrees on the condition not to neglect housework.

Carmela now works at school and returning still working on household chores, a very difficult burden to bear, so he decides to talk to Eulalio to convince you that it is best that both share equally in the housework. At first resists but Carmela arguments speak for themselves and end up persuading Eulalio that share both inside and outside the home is the best for the whole family.

*Marriage: Honduras typical dish made with rice and beans, where rice symbolizes women and men beans.


Production Assistant, Lighting and sound: Julio Lagos

General Production: Luisa Sánchez Blanco

Script and direction: Mario Jaén

Eric Pineda: Doña Socorro, John, Juanmaria

Aillen Sánchez: Carmela Sánchez, Mayra crazy

Heber Villatoro: Eulalio Garcia

Mario Jaén: Priest, Professor Francisca, Don Benito

Music, arrangements and recordings: Iván Juárez.

Dramatic Sculpture: Ivan Fiallos - RIFH.

Wardrobe: Ivan Fiallos - RIFH, Pedro Alarcon.

Illustration of promotional material: Ivan Fiallos - RIFH.

Graphic design of promotional materials: Leo Zuniga-Focus Advertising.

Theater / Parminou, Theatre of the Aubergine.

Consultant / trainer in circus techniques: Yvan Côté

Advisor dramaturgy and staging: Hélène Desperrier

Canadian Agency for International Development.




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