Author: Mario Jaén


The story takes place in a community in southern Honduras, where consecutive years of poor harvests result of droughts and floods, endanger make harvesting the corn from a family of farmers, and therefore, subsistence. The situation is so critical that come to consider emigration as the only way to survive. The situation is dramatic, Scarecrow in the cornfield and periquita who lives in a pocket of his jacket, animated characters trying to help resolve the situation become. They are joined Melquíades, walker and mentalist circus passing through the community. Finally everything that happened has been nothing but a dream, but as real as life itself, and tracks for hope: The key is balance .....


Production Assistant, lights and sound: Julio Lagos

General Production: Luisa Sánchez Blanco

Script and Direction: Mario Jaén

Eric Pineda: Francisco, Melquíades

Aillen Sánchez: Violet

Heber Villatoro: Zechariah

Mario Jaén: Güicho

Julio Lagos: Presenter circus

Music, arrangements and recordings: Iván Juárez.

Costume Design, props and scenery: Ivan Fiallos - RIFH, Robert Benda.

Costume Making, props and scenery: Robert Benda, Ivan Fiallos – RIFH.

Making backdrop: Denis Berrios

Graphic design of promotional materials: Leo Zuniga-Focus-Advertising.

Photograph playbill: Juan Mauricio Rivera.

Photograph poster: Delmer Membreño.

Theater / Parminou, M. Mute

Consultant / trainer in circus techniques: Yvan Côté – M. Mute

Advisor dramaturgy and staging: Hélène Desperrier

Canadian Agency for International Development




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