Author: Mario Jaén


This is the story of three brothers, Rosita, Paul and Peter, living in a community called Picamiejo. His mother dies and leaves them an inheritance land to be worked and to live it. Les leaves three equal parts to each, asking them ... never sold!

But come opportunists land buyers to the community with the desire to evict the inhabitants of Picamiejo and to invest in and raise livestock to generate profits onerous. The two brothers fall into temptation and sell their lands. While one decides to go to the United States, the other spends the proceeds on drink and celebrations. In return, Rosita is the wish of his mother and not sell their land access, so it continues growing in the cornfield.

The two brothers fail and lose everything they have. When they realize their reality, Rosita come to help them. In the end we will see what the attitude of Rosita before his brothers and the actions that can be taken in the community to try to generate local economic development and not have to resort to selling their land… They discover the importance of community organization, implementation of rural credit unions and collective support among all people to bring forward their heritage.


Executive Producer: Luisa Sánchez Blanco.

Text and Art Direction: Mario Jaén.

Production Assistant, lights and sound: Julio Lagos.

Eunice Rodriguez: Rosita, Rosita Puppet, Waitress.

Eric Pineda: Guileless, Paul, Paul Puppet, Harry, Elders Pepenador.

Mario Jaen: Fito Puppet, Walterio, Aviator, Bank.

Shirley Rodríguez: Angelica, Peter Puppet, Chepe Puppet, Petrona, Niña Pepenadora, Esteban.

Dramatic Sculpture, design and construction of costumes and props: RIFH _ Iván Fiallos.

Costume Making: RIFH_Iván Fiallos, Pedro Alarcon, Ana Gomez.

Composition and musical performance: Iván Juárez.

Pictures: Carlos Palma.

Graphic design: Leo Zuniga-Focus Advertising.

Hélène Desperrier / Parminou Theatre: Dramaturgical staging and Counseling.

Yvan Côté/M.Mute: Circus skills training.

Claude Tremblay

Edwin Epinal

Seed Foundation





Oxfam- Quebec.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada.

Plan Nation.

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