Author: Mario Jaén


In a rural community in southern Honduras dawns with the funeral of another infant, seventh in four months. The gravity of the situation makes it necessary to convene a community meeting, and no better than Juanito, with his whistle dreamer, for this mission. The people decide to put the means to stop the killing of children but what are the causes? How to do it? The answer is in the hands of Spin Doctor and his assistant Turnstile, certainly the most bizarre characters never before seen by the peasants of Rio Abajo ....

As it is the same people, under the wise voice of the elderly, who discovers the light at the end of history, all in an atmosphere of juggling, corners, dances and acrobatics.


Production Assistant, lights and sound: Julio Lagos

Executive Producer: Luisa Sánchez Blanco

Script and Direction: Mario Jaén

Eric Pineda: Juanito

Aillen Sánchez: Mother, Doña Chila, Chencho and Chancho, Suyapa

Heber Villatoro: Peasant, Tico, Tourniquet, Florencio

Mario Jaén: Peasant, Florencio, Tito, Spin Doctor

Music, arrangements and recordings: Iván Juárez

Dramatic Sculpture, scenery, wardrobe, props and poster art: Ivan Fiallos - RIFH

Photography: Ariel Sosa

Graphic design: Veronica Romero

Theatre / Parminou, Theatre of the Aubergine

Advisor dramaturgy and staging: Hélène Desperrier.

Body Training: Lempira Jaén

Coach circus techniques: Yvan Côté


Oxfam Québec.

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