El Sexo y Yo

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Through this story the Chilean author Isabel Allende tells, anecdotally, passages that reveal his personal life from his childhood to maturity their experiences with sex and the events in their home environment, social and political.

The myths and imagery of a girl who thinks she is pregnant by a doll have swallowed, scandal, prohibitions and transgressions to scientific studies around the development of your consciousness and personal lives are exposed in this literary work that has served as a pretext for creating a piece format monologue with a staging that gives importance converted to the written word in literature, and to make this force dramatic action on stage becomes.

It is an open-ended story, since the plot as it develops, the public can go in parallel by comparing what the author was happening to him and what each viewer and spectator find similar and different with your own life. It is the narration of events intimate alcove, but intimate awareness events; here is the universality of this personal experience of Isabel, all the Allende.

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