2003 Project Production and National Tour of the Work "A Few Piquetitos" for the Sociological Study of the Incidence and Determining Factors of Gender Violence in Honduras ",,es,Canada Fund for Local Initiatives,,es,HIVOS and SNV from the Netherlands,,es,National Women's Institute of Honduras,,es,The objective of the Project was to contribute to the visibility of the problem of domestic violence,,es,incite the public to a critical reflection on the matter and stimulate processes of changing attitudes to stop and prevent new acts of violence against women,,es,The project,,es,

Canadian Agency for International Development, Fondo de Canadá para Iniciativas Locales, OXFAM International,,es,Welcome Gallery Press Articles,,es,Gallery "Welcome",,es , HIVOS y SNV de Holanda, Instituto Nacional de la Mujer de Honduras.

The "A Few Small Nips" project involved the staging of the work of Laila Ripoll, directed by Rafael Murillo Selva on the issue of domestic violence. A national tour was held in the Houses of Culture 10 cities of the country. El objetivo del Proyecto fue contribuir a la visibilización del problema de la violencia doméstica, incitar al público a una reflexión crítica al respecto y estimular procesos de cambio de actitudes para detener y prevenir nuevos hechos de violencia contra las mujeres.

Research / Consulting: El Proyecto It included the application to the attending public of a research instrument on the incidence and determinants of gender violence in Honduras,,es,Articles Press “A Few Piquetitos”,,es,Image Gallery Piquetitos Program,,es,Image Gallery “A Few Piquetitos”,,es.

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