Project "Pilot Cultural Complementary Care for Children, girls and young women 7 a 14 years ". Comprehensive Pilot Program to Combat Urban Poverty,,es,Finance Secretary,,es,Ministry of Culture,,es,Arts and Sports,,es,Research / Consulting Evaluation of results and impact of the Project Theater Area "Complementary Cultural Care Pilot for children,,es,Pilot Images Gallery,,es.

BID, Secretaría de Finanzas, Secretaría de Cultura, Artes y Deportes.

Attended the Project 444 children from low income in five artistic disciplines, being responsible for the Tegucigalpa Theatre Workshop Artistic Project Coordination, as well as the implementation and coordination of the discipline of theater. Investigación/ Consultoría Evaluación de resultados e impacto del Área de Teatro del Proyecto “Piloto de Atención Cultural Complementaria para niños , girls and young women 7 a 14 years ".

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